Wednesday, September 18, 2013

YouTube application allows you to watch the video without an internet connection soon

There is no secret that YouTube has become a social network and an information visible can not happen, it has become the other - especially technology addicts - support depends entirely on the news and programs and classes instead of the TV, but the only problem that you must have an Internet connection you can keep your business and see what you want.

This problem will become the past, after a brief period, at least in part, Google announced on Tuesday that controlled video sharing service YouTube start from next November for the users of the service application for mobile devices to watch video without the need to connect to the Internet.

He said the YouTube team, turning owners chains creators of YouTube, who always tries to attract more visitors to your website, so that through these efforts, ensuring the service by adding a new feature to be implemented on mobile devices that help the owners of the channels to reach the public, even if they are not connected to the Internet.

The next function allows users to add video to their computers to see a "short period" after when disconnected from the Internet.

It is assumed that this function in the changes that the company has put in place to implement YouTube during the month of November, as it is not clear whether this feature applies to all video or owners of channels to identify all the sections to be supported, and do not expect that, but things become more clear on officially.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Update Twitter application for Android brings new talks view

Twitter has started to send a new update to the application on the Android platform version 4.1.6 to bring a new look for the negotiations in tweets and other improvements in the parameters of alert and solve direct messages and processes to ensure that when you connects to your account.
Tweets for presentation talking about a new form of sequential exposure and responses are displayed in the main interface applications Toetrosseetm View first previous Tweets conversation meets the blue line between the tweets of emergency and the answers to all those who Tweets Grdo his answer to the following picture.

For the new update includes other improvements, including better compatibility Twitter app for Android devices and low spec phones, improved relationships with regard to tweets that fall into the category of annoying spam.
The parameters of this update reports have had their share of improvements, as has been solved some of the problems that have arisen in private messages directly after it has been added as a Twitter badge a private message updates directly above.
The level of protection and connect Twitter to solve some of the problems encountered by users when they connect to the process, especially in the most recent applications of Twitter application update and made ​​the two-step verification distinctive increase the safety and security of your account , and other improvements in the stability and the global society of Android Twitter app.

This is the most prominent changes in the Twitter update to the new Android 4.1.6 version number, it is better now update or download the new version free of charge through shop : play google

Application Repix edit and edit images and add effects

Android Apps for editing and modify many on the market for the PlayStation, and now joined a new software application called REPIX and I think the owners of the iPhone and iPad iOS devices know this application, the right to know one of the best applications for the platform iOS, but now, thanks to the application programmer has been launched recently on the market for PlayStation Android devices from smartphones and tablet PCs.
The REPIX apply a large number of features and brilliant ideas for editing pictures and add effects and filters () to make images more beautiful, many tools that let you edit images, such as cutting or rotating, and other issues relating to the modification and editing.
Using the application is easy with the presence of various drawing tools, such as 30 or 17 frames, or add lighting effects to edit the images and do differently, with the possibility of their participation in different social networks, and supports device Android application REPIX with stylus, such as mobile phones and computers, the Samsung Galaxy Note series and the video below shows one of the possible reasons for the changes.

Application and must be a copy of the Android 4.0 or higher to run the free version and can get additional features such as color or tools through acquisitions, but by all means the app is free and has many features for free to upload : play google

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Application GetThemAll to download all the pictures, ring tones and video from any Web site for the Android system

Users' needs is always a way to help extract images, video and text documents, etc. You can have the content of a Web page and the Android system can sometimes save these folders or install them manually, but if many? Process record images and files bulky and long.

To this end, it came GetThemAll application called store any files, just have the entire file, which allows you to download content from a site that is fast and semi-automatic, you only see the navigation on the page that contains the files you want, then choose what you want these files are easy to download.

The idea of ​​the action depends on the built-in browser, from where you can access a web page containing images and audio clips, PDF files and even the apk, so just press the small button on the bottom right the browser, the application process for the extraction of direct links to these files, and allows you to filter the results to show only PNG, or play video or audio file, and then you can download all the files that are checked out of the page with a single button.
After downloading these files can be easily browse through the file manager in the same application, in which the development of the files in folders with names in the history of the site and download (you can change this setting), and we find these files in a folder on your account in the gallery, but can not appear action images synchronization immediately suspended on the device and you can browse the files in the application or go to GetThemAll downloaded folder and then the name of the site in any file manager you have.
It also allows the application to copy these files to your computer via a small program that is installed on the act in the process of connecting the Android system and PC computer called IP and password, or you can copy the files to Google Drive Once you have chosen the name of the folder in which to place the files.
Unfortunately, the application will miss the YouTube video to remove it, but the fact that Google follow these illegal operations continuously, the application can not now have a direct relationship with the video, but it is good to know that the application is able to take the video site Anstagram measure, for example, where the only access to the site and connect via GetThemAll of the browser, then open the video and follow the instructions.
It should be noted that the extraction of the contents of the page could take some time, and that depends on the speed of your Internet connection and the content of the requested page, if different matter if the files are located on page a little or a lot.

Application of practical GetThemAll and is simple and easy to use and useful in many cases, and can be accessed for free via : play google

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Update Google Keep application adds a reminder feature and update

Google announced a new update to the application of their observations Google's own prison, which is one of the new applications launched by Google recently. He received the application of the new features is one of the most important features is scheduled to be available in all application notes.

It includes a new function to know or specify a specific location or where it is now possible moment, when you create or edit a new note choose to call down and select the time you want to be notified of the note, or to locate remember the position of the note to get there, and the alarm is displayed on the notification bar with the option to edit or naps.

The update adds the navigation bar of the party became the most popular Google applications are based, and the ability to put images in your gallery instead of capturing the image through the camera as c "was previously the case.

New Google Keep update is available on the : play google

Friday, August 30, 2013

Google announces support HD resolution for video chats on Hangouts service

Google announced today brought a high screen resolution venues, service definition their den, and begin using the new resolution places with free live streaming in the air, a service that allows business conversations, live video can be sued in court by anyone on the network Google Plus and YouTube or any site with video.

Google suggests that this new resolution available requires a camera capable of 720p video capture, as well as data packets CPU and able to withstand the pressure of processing and consumption, the fact that this process should be considered a large amount of data video chat.

As noted by some reports, Google has replaced the H.264 video codec VP8 open and private, that have helped to make this change, referring to the change of coding will not be visible to users. The company also plans to move to use WebRTC end.

It is assumed that all users of video chat in a position to take advantage of this feature in the coming weeks. No data is available on a new update to apply hangouts: play google

Imo chat application that supports video chats

Imo Free Calls and application of the text one of the most popular instant messaging applications Android, thanks to the elegant facades, the speed and ease of use and compatibility with a wide variety of chat protocols. The company has recently added the ability to have conversations via video application platforms with Android and iOS.

And using the new video chat feature via wireless networks, third and fourth generation, and just do a video chat with a person using the application with the video icon next to the name of the person sought. This feature is one of many features offered by the time of application, such as the possibility of a discussion group, send voice messages and videos.

The new update of apply imo available on: play google