Sunday, September 1, 2013

Application GetThemAll to download all the pictures, ring tones and video from any Web site for the Android system

Users' needs is always a way to help extract images, video and text documents, etc. You can have the content of a Web page and the Android system can sometimes save these folders or install them manually, but if many? Process record images and files bulky and long.

To this end, it came GetThemAll application called store any files, just have the entire file, which allows you to download content from a site that is fast and semi-automatic, you only see the navigation on the page that contains the files you want, then choose what you want these files are easy to download.

The idea of ​​the action depends on the built-in browser, from where you can access a web page containing images and audio clips, PDF files and even the apk, so just press the small button on the bottom right the browser, the application process for the extraction of direct links to these files, and allows you to filter the results to show only PNG, or play video or audio file, and then you can download all the files that are checked out of the page with a single button.
After downloading these files can be easily browse through the file manager in the same application, in which the development of the files in folders with names in the history of the site and download (you can change this setting), and we find these files in a folder on your account in the gallery, but can not appear action images synchronization immediately suspended on the device and you can browse the files in the application or go to GetThemAll downloaded folder and then the name of the site in any file manager you have.
It also allows the application to copy these files to your computer via a small program that is installed on the act in the process of connecting the Android system and PC computer called IP and password, or you can copy the files to Google Drive Once you have chosen the name of the folder in which to place the files.
Unfortunately, the application will miss the YouTube video to remove it, but the fact that Google follow these illegal operations continuously, the application can not now have a direct relationship with the video, but it is good to know that the application is able to take the video site Anstagram measure, for example, where the only access to the site and connect via GetThemAll of the browser, then open the video and follow the instructions.
It should be noted that the extraction of the contents of the page could take some time, and that depends on the speed of your Internet connection and the content of the requested page, if different matter if the files are located on page a little or a lot.

Application of practical GetThemAll and is simple and easy to use and useful in many cases, and can be accessed for free via : play google

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