Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Application Repix edit and edit images and add effects

Android Apps for editing and modify many on the market for the PlayStation, and now joined a new software application called REPIX and I think the owners of the iPhone and iPad iOS devices know this application, the right to know one of the best applications for the platform iOS, but now, thanks to the application programmer has been launched recently on the market for PlayStation Android devices from smartphones and tablet PCs.
The REPIX apply a large number of features and brilliant ideas for editing pictures and add effects and filters () to make images more beautiful, many tools that let you edit images, such as cutting or rotating, and other issues relating to the modification and editing.
Using the application is easy with the presence of various drawing tools, such as 30 or 17 frames, or add lighting effects to edit the images and do differently, with the possibility of their participation in different social networks, and supports device Android application REPIX with stylus, such as mobile phones and computers, the Samsung Galaxy Note series and the video below shows one of the possible reasons for the changes.

Application and must be a copy of the Android 4.0 or higher to run the free version and can get additional features such as color or tools through acquisitions, but by all means the app is free and has many features for free to upload : play google

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