Saturday, August 31, 2013

Update Google Keep application adds a reminder feature and update

Google announced a new update to the application of their observations Google's own prison, which is one of the new applications launched by Google recently. He received the application of the new features is one of the most important features is scheduled to be available in all application notes.

It includes a new function to know or specify a specific location or where it is now possible moment, when you create or edit a new note choose to call down and select the time you want to be notified of the note, or to locate remember the position of the note to get there, and the alarm is displayed on the notification bar with the option to edit or naps.

The update adds the navigation bar of the party became the most popular Google applications are based, and the ability to put images in your gallery instead of capturing the image through the camera as c "was previously the case.

New Google Keep update is available on the : play google

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