Friday, August 30, 2013

Google announces support HD resolution for video chats on Hangouts service

Google announced today brought a high screen resolution venues, service definition their den, and begin using the new resolution places with free live streaming in the air, a service that allows business conversations, live video can be sued in court by anyone on the network Google Plus and YouTube or any site with video.

Google suggests that this new resolution available requires a camera capable of 720p video capture, as well as data packets CPU and able to withstand the pressure of processing and consumption, the fact that this process should be considered a large amount of data video chat.

As noted by some reports, Google has replaced the H.264 video codec VP8 open and private, that have helped to make this change, referring to the change of coding will not be visible to users. The company also plans to move to use WebRTC end.

It is assumed that all users of video chat in a position to take advantage of this feature in the coming weeks. No data is available on a new update to apply hangouts: play google

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