Sunday, July 28, 2013

Twitter application gets updated brings direct answer feature

Twitter has posted a new update of the official Android to give you new features and improvements in the program, with the message function added Tweet and sent via direct messages.
The most important change has been the update added the ability to respond to tweets directly through a special field to meet the tweets coming.
This update after a previous update has distinctive private messages synchronize Twitter account, where you can read the messages after the alarm in question and I see the same alert on another platform, such as a browser on the same computer or on your iPhone or iPad devices and other devices connected to the same account.
In addition, the upgrade must experiment to find the best, where he became a better Twitter search through the presentation of research results for people in the same place, it is not necessary to enter the page of the person looking at, with the additional possibility that the words that were studied in advance and improve the way in better search results, faster.

You can now update to the new version or download the new version free of charge through : play google

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